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Voice Lessons

Join Dina DiMarco's studio for voice! Dina has a versatile background in classical, pop, musical theater and specializes in teaching jazz and improvisation. In musical theater training, Dina can also assist with acting as well with character study, script analysis, and even monologue preparation. No matter where you're coming from, Dina will be able to help your voice find its true home and ability! 

Intro to Music Classes

Dina is very skilled in working with young children. Children aren't usually capable of handling a full private session dedicated to a singular instrument until they are at least five, and they may struggle with focus and motor planning at that age still. Dina offers 20-30 minute sessions with young children 6 months and over to encourage their musicality, embrace music of all cultures and genres, and give them the building blocks to be a part of a musical community!  These sessions may look like active listening to different types of music, live singing, and instrument playing from myself, drumming and playing with auxiliary instruments, and working on vocalization exercises and simple songs.  

Piano Lessons

Dina offers piano lessons for beginner and intermediate students. Dina has studied piano since she was 6 years old and has accompanied multiple musicals in the orchestra as well.  She is patient and has a positive and encouraging approach for her students. She wants to create a passion for playing while still working from the curriculum and focusing on technique.

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